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Video Recording Permission Agreement

As a general rule, the discussion about payment is discussed separately from the consent and sharing form, but since there is no single template, you can customize your video sharing form to suit your wishes. One option that you can include in your consent form is a statement to list the agreed amount your talent will receive for your participation in your production, or on the contrary, if it lists that the talent understands that he is not receiving any payment for his participation. If you ever have any doubts about the inclusion of some kind of legal information, include them. It is better to have the opportunity to extend your rights and use rather than realize later that your goals have changed and that you do not have the right permissions to do so. When working on a project, it`s important to do your research and make sure you add all the clauses associated with it. If you use the video for other related projects, you should let the person know. This would involve the use of still images from video or audio transcripts. If you believe that you are selling or passing on the material and rights to a third party, you must list them in the consent form. Here is a copy of a standard photo-video consent form that can be used for most productions. There is a downloadable word file below if you want the more concrete model.

If you need more details, you can create a free do-it-yourself model and an entertainment version with the free version of Law Depot. The first things that must be on a consent form are the names of the person seeking consent and the person giving consent. It is also a good idea to have the different initial surfaces in each area of authorization that they also approve. For minors, parents or legal guardians must accept these conditions. In general, people have the right to record video recordings in public spaces without having to obtain their consent. However, on private property, you need the owner`s permission. Illegal filming on private land is considered illegal in some states. Approval and sharing forms come in many shapes and sizes, but regardless of the particularities or type of project you are working on, you should always have lots of consent and sharing forms on deck when mixing media and talent. Consent and sharing forms are given to your talent (interviewers, models, actors, etc.) and gives you permission to use your image (video or photoform), audio and words in your production. Whether you`re conducting a documentary interview, a journalist interview, a market research interview or something in between, creating a personalized consent form for video and interview sharers is necessary to obtain the appropriate permissions from the people in your production and to protect against future complications.