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Seven Eleven Franchise Agreement Pdf

Commitments and restrictions: Franchisees agree, under the franchise agreement, to do their best for the store and to be able to actively and meaningfully clean up the franchise`s actual operation. Since the franchisor expects the franchisee to effectively manage the franchise business, except in exceptional cases, it does not require franchisees to appoint or train a manager unless it operates more than one Eleven 7 franchise. The store must contain all specified inventory categories. Franchisees may only sell, use and sell inventory and other products related to nature, quantity, quality and variety related to the 7 Eleven image and as indicated by the franchisor in the franchise agreement. Franchisees must at all times keep in-store a reasonable amount representative of all proprietary products listed in the franchise agreement or that the franchisor otherwise lists in writing. Franchisees must have a reasonable and representative amount of all products advertised or promoted at the national or regional level. Franchisees must meet the franchisor`s requirements for merchandising and the shelf life of fresh foodstuffs. Workout Overview: The workout program consists of approximately 300 hours of training at Franchisor`s Store Support Center in Irving, TX and at a 7-Eleven training store. The success of the training program does not guarantee the franchisee`s admission as a franchisee. Franchisees and all managers who appoint them and whom we approve for training must complete the entire training program to the full satisfaction of the franchisor, as we can see at our discretion.

The franchisor may provide additional training if deemed necessary due to changes to the 7-Eleven system. Franchisees are committed to participating in all additional training programs that the franchisor implements with respect to the proper sale of age-related products or the sale of other regulated products that could be in violation of the law if they are not properly sold, as well as all other training programs it designates based on need and require their employees to participate. Franchisees and their employees must successfully complete all necessary complementary training, to the full satisfaction of the franchisor, as can be determined at its discretion. Agreement duration and extension: the initial duration of the deductible is 15 years. An extension period equal to the number of years under the franchise agreement at the time for franchise renewals is available if the requirements are met. Territory granted: The franchise agreement includes a single 7-Eleven store site. Franchisees do not have a minimum area. Franchisees also do not benefit from exclusive territory.

NOTE: FDD pages are provided only for informational purposes. This is an overview of what is in the full document to be provided to the potential franchisee by the franchise – and whose receipt must be formally authenticated by the parties. If you are interested in contacting a franchisee company, please search for our offers through the “Industry” pages you will find in the drop-down menu above. Grant: In some situations, the franchisor may finance the down payment and deductible fees. The franchisor will also create and maintain an open account for the franchisee as part of the accounting services provided (for more details, see the FDD). The franchisor does not offer financing agreements from other sources and does not receive payments for the placement of funds. There are three types of deductibles available:1. A traditional individual 7-Eleven Store: The franchisor offers franchises for a single site that it owns or rents.2 Business Conversion Program Franchise (BCP): The franchisee is responsible for the acquisition of the land and the building of a store and pays a fee other than the traditional franchisees. The PCO franchisee is also subject to a disclosure document other than that of the franchisee of a traditional transaction.3