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Norway New Zealand Trade Agreement

Our goal for this first agreement is to bring together some of the elements related to the climate change, trade and sustainable development agenda. “Similarly, we can use trade rules to encourage environmentally friendly products and services by removing them immediately. For example, parts of wind turbines and solar panels are regulated by tariffs while they are good for the environment. New Zealand will conduct five professional trade talks with Norway, Iceland, Costa Rica and Fiji to try to use trade to combat climate change by reducing fossil fuel subsidies and removing tariffs on environmental products. She said the plan was to enter into an applicable trade agreement with treaty status. Reidar Sveaas, Director of P-O Maritime Ltd. and Honorary Consul in Auckland, said in 2000 that there were excellent opportunities for New Zealand to trade with the world`s second largest oil-producing country, Norway. [4] Once an agreement has been reached, it is hoped that other countries will be inspired by accession. “Negotiations will focus on how trade can support efforts to combat climate change. The removal of tariffs on environmental goods is an example of a trade measure that benefits both the climate and the environment,” Solberg said. Email us to or to continue to share your views and register your interest in future engagement opportunities.

In fact, the parties say: we are not just looking at this agreement to stimulate trade flows; We think this is the right thing to do for the environment. It is also said to the largest group of WTO members that we will not just wait for you to act. We are ready to be proactive and ambitious. “As relatively small, trade-dependent countries in need of sustainable and inclusive economic development, we believe there is an urgent need for progress and a transformative approach. We are ready to act now,” he said in a joint statement by nations. As other major multilateral and multi-lateral trade negotiations have stalled, we believe the world should welcome this new initiative.