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Memorandum Of Agreement Architect Malaysia

Any difference or dispute between the client and the architect is referred to arbitration by a person who must be agreed between the parties or a non-associable agreement within fourteen days after one of the other parties has submitted a written request for the appointment of an arbitrator, a person appointed by the President of the Singapore Institute of Architects at the request of one of the parties. If the architect is required to take over the architectural services provided by the client or on behalf of the client, the architect verifies the work carried out before the work begins. If after this audit, if it is necessary to correct defects in such work, then an additional fee is on a basis of time charges or as agreed elsewhere. If such an additional fee is charged or is likely to be charged, the architect must notify the client immediately. The costs due to the architect under this agreement have been paid. When monthly payments are agreed, the percentages of royalties to be paid after each step are paid in accordance with Part 2 of point 2.2 and the balance payable at the end of each step or according to the architect`s invoice. The client appoints the architect as the architect for the project and the architect hereshes the date indicated under this Contract. The contractor will assign a prime contractor, as part of a separate agreement, to carry out work or other work related to the project. The owner is the owner and not the architect, responsible for the operations and methods of the contractor and the proper execution of the work.

AND IN THE Client wants to appoint the architect as an architect who provides professional architectural services for the project under the following conditions. (i) tendering expenses, announcements by architects, agents and/or other construction personnel required for the project and other related project costs; All remuneration, CPF contributions and all other amounts payable for all resident employees, including a resident architect detached from a project, are paid by the client without delay on due dates, in accordance with the previous agreement.