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Harvard Medical School Billing Agreement

The reference institution checklist and attribution diagram is a checklist for GMs, ADF and PIs that can be used as a tool when a notice of attribution or agreement is received. It contains a list of all the items SPA needs to set up your price in GMAS. You`ll find useful links throughout the checklist. Guide The Legal Agreement Workflow document can help identify the parties responsible for coordinating the review and signing of research agreements at Harvard. To the extent that a specified type of agreement is mentioned outside the research context, the parties may continue to be consulted for guidance. Some types of contracts require additional stakeholder review within the university (for example. B, all agreements with foreign sovereign governments must be reviewed by the Office of the Vice-Prey for International Affairs). Officials consult with the appropriate agencies of the university, including the Office of Legal Assistance and the Office of the Vice-Provocial for Research, as required, to ensure that the terms and scope of all agreements are consistent with the University`s mission and applicable policies. This directive, which can be amended from time to time, applies to all university members and visitors who conduct research at Harvard institutions. In addition, federal policy requires the university to request written agreements from anyone who conducts research on their reporting and attribution obligations under a federally funded program. Anyone doing research at Harvard should sign either the Harvard University Participation Agreement or, if applicable, the Harvard University Visitor Participation Contract. This directive establishes a procedure for approving and managing service or referral agreements concluded by faculties under the aegis of Harvard University, which means that Harvard would be the contractor. These are agreements that require the faculty to provide certain services or “services” and are not directly within the traditional framework of research or teaching.

While these agreements may have scientific or research benefits, they are a secondary aspect, not the main purpose of the activity. The terms “service agreement” or “advice contract” are descriptive; Such agreements could have many different denominations or titles. All DUAs are considered research-related agreements and must be monitored and signed by the Office for Sponsored Programs or the Longwood Area Offices for Research Administration (HMS/HSPH), in agreement with the Signing Authority delegation, taking into account grants and research contracts as amended. The signature of an institutional official certifies that commitments made under these agreements can and will be met and ensures that all DUAs comply with all relevant laws, regulations, agency directives and academic guidelines and directives. As a recipient of sponsored funds from federal and non-federal sources, Harvard University is required to provide accurate, timely and comprehensive disclosure of the financial results of the awards and sponsored programs.