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College Illinois Master Agreement

If you have a specific program that does not fit an existing model and requires a custom agreement, please complete this form and attach all available documents on Program Details to expedite the processing of your contract. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign works with institutions around the world to facilitate the free exchange of ideas through cooperation. Institutional agreements support the university`s unique objectives and ensure the mobility of our students, teachers, collaborators and colleagues to contribute meaningfully to the world`s most pressing challenges. You can extend or modify existing un expired agreements by filling in the available app via the button below. We propose to launch extensions at least six months before the agreement expires. If your agreement has expired, you must ask to initiate a new one (see “Establishing a Agreement”). This agreement allows students to study at a particular university abroad or through study abroad when the university makes payments on behalf of the student. Agreements that are not concluded in standard models require additional verification and approval before they are concluded. Authorizations vary depending on the type of agreement and may include any of the following: In order for an agreement to be reached between the university and a foreign institution, the university`s compleur or a duly appointed agent should be the last person to accept and sign.

After full execution, Global Relations provides a copy of the agreement by email to the requesting unit. As official university documents, digital copies of all agreements are also archived in myResearch Portal, managed by the Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) and/or in illinois Contracts Systems Repository (iCS) of the Contracts Services Office. Some agreements have not yet been approved. To initiate such an agreement, complete the registration form below. You can also download a partner or custom model if the admission form is not accurate. Many agreements can be made with standard models.