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Amicable Agreement

The consensual adjective means “friendly” – but most importantly, use it to describe relationships that one might expect not to be friendly. The end of a romantic relationship, which is not consensual, could include broken dishes or broken bones. read. In an email, Ms. Sala said the negotiations were very friendly and that both sides were motivated to reach an agreement. (Seattle Times) friendly (relatively friendly, superlative the friendliest) Amicable refers to a kindness or goodwill between people or groups. Amiable refers to the friendly predispositions of a person. A group could have a friendly meeting because the people there are friendly. By mutual agreement, relationships or agreements (including court proceedings, such as divorces) are used, with a meaning that ranges from simply “non-contentious, consensual” to “quite friendly”. On the other hand, the similar term is particularly used to be “pleasant, endearing” as a “friendly smile”.

[1] The separation was consensual, said Robbins, his former partner who even broke up at the sale and returned to the music store. (New York Times) It was a relatively consensual divorce, and at least they stay in the speech. (BBC) As a great, kind man, he wears a white hat with “JOE” in the most discolored marker on the front. (Washington Post) A former roommate described him as friendly and talkative. (New York Times) Amicable comes from the Latin amicabilis, for friendly that can be traced on the Latin amicus, for friend. Here are some nice examples: from late Latin am├ęc`bilis (“amec`bilis”); They have the friendly. Amiable also comes from the Latin-amicabilis, with an old French stop as kind before English adopted it. Some experts use friendly to describe only people, but friendlyly, one also uses to describe things that are sociable or pleasant, such as a friendly tone of voice. It is usually used for people, although: A friendly and pleasant person could be described as friendly. The cabin crew are generally friendly. The people who watch the school cafeteria? Maybe not.

Read more… Amicable refers to the connections between people or things, as a friendly situation with many. Take the “c” to the crowd and you are with a friendly person, a friendly person left.